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Impact Events host leading International events in the Energy, Environment and Water sectors.

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In continuation of the path of giving and success to push the wheel of development and active participation in the health and pharmaceutical drug sector, which the company derived from the support of workers in this sector. Overcoming challenges and ways to localize and develop the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt in line with the vision of His Excellency the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, in the presence of an elite group of pharmaceutical industry experts in Egypt. The private sector, international companies, the Egyptian Ministry of Health, the Unified Procurement and Medical Supply Authority, the Egyptian Drug Authority, the Egyptian Chamber of Pharmaceutical Industry and the Department of Military Medical Services to give them the opportunity to exchange experiences and present the role of the competent authorities and organizations in overcoming these obstacles and the role of scientific research, modern technology and funding sources in helping this sector find solutions to it

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Being the leading impact company in the Egyptian market helped us directly communicate and  interact with the oil and gas companies, recognizing that employees in such a hectic sector are  always busy and under pressure. So we Impact came up with the idea of a social event  “Ramadan Soccer Tournament ” which showed great success within the oil and gas companies  improving communication and effective interaction between employees of the oil and gas     companies in Egypt.
 Impact Ramadan Petroleum Soccer Tournament became the premier social event in the oil and gas  industry which was introduced in 2007 as the successor of the industry social gathering . This  tournament is a source of great wealth to the teams that participate in it and brings together the best  companies from both the private and public sector to compete against each other through group stages and then knockout rounds that ultimately lead to an extraordinary ending final

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In the Mother of the World, People from around the globe used to gather to celebrate a plethora of unrivaled tourist and historical attractions. The country, in the heart of the world, thrives with archaeological treasures and wonders rendering it a classic vintage of history and civilization. It is the cradle of ancient civilization nesting art and natural beauty with every corner casting its own spell. Its monuments, temples, deserts, and beautiful stretches of picturesque beaches have acted as a magnet for tourists, adventurers, and sun lovers from around the world since the dawn of history. While accumulating heritage treasures throughout its history, its people have accumulated great hospitality skills and unmatched tourism expertise. Today, the travel and tourism industry in Egypt is one of the country’s leading economic sectors and one of the main sources of income



 To develop your brand awareness and improve your recognition in the industry.

 To network with other stakeholders who can help you boost your bookings.

To conduct market testing and complete research on new products, To meet new potential new partners, face-to-face to discuss the mutual benefits available.

 To find a perfect venue to launch new products and promote who you are.

To find an opportunity to exchange information with national and international tourism experts

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Impact Annual Petroleum Soccer Tournament’s main target is all about networking between employees of the oil and gas companies in Egypt. It is all about internal interaction between employees from the same company by building your team and networking within a social, friendly and competitive environment during the tournament matches. Creating a common motive, breaking the barriers and reaching your target through effective and fruitful communication between oil and gas employees.

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